SKEYE | The World’s Smallest Drone?


Dutch company TRNDlabs launched SKEYE Pico Drone, an incredibly tiny drone, the smallest one ever made in the world.

Its dimensions are 0.87 x 0.87 inches and weighs just 0.25 ounces.

So how do you fly such a small drone? You basically just throw it! When it is in the air, use a remote control to fly it.

SKEYE remote contol and the drone packed

This drone is so small you can actually pack it inside the remote control.

It has a 6-Axis flight control system and auto-adjustable gyro sensitivity, so it can spin, flip and do aerial dives. It is portable, and you can fit it within the remote control. Skeye is stable and easy to fly since it has RTF (Ready to Fly) Technology. It comes with LED lights so you can fly it by night. You can set the remote control to 3 different sensitivity levels:  Beginner, Mid-Level and Headless Mode. The remote control has a distance up to 165ft. It operates on 2.4GHz frequency and has four channels.

SKEYE placed in a hand

To start using it, just throw it in the air and use the remote control to fly it.

In the package, you get a charging cable and it takes around 30 minutes to charge it. When you charge it for that long, it will fly up to 7-8 minutes. In the package, you will also get 4 replacement rotor blades. It is so easy to use that when you buy the package, you can just fly it straight out of the box.

Get it from Amazon here

For more information on the world’s smallest drone, check out the video bellow:

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