If you can’t seem to find the perfect Bluetooth headset and you’ve always had to settle with those nasty wires and ghastly earbud designs, we have just the right thing for you today – recently announced by Motorola, Moto Hint headset comes in the shape of a discreet earbud that can pair with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to perform some wireless functions – and thanks to its companion cradle, it can even be charged on the go.

Though it excels when paired with Moto X, Moto Hint is built to work with all Android phones within some 150 feet of wireless range, allowing you to take or place calls, get notifications and send voice commands to your smartphone. Thanks to the integrated IR proximity detectors, Moto Hint switches on as soon as you insert it into your ear and it turns off automatically once removed, re-routing the calls back to the phone. When paired with Moto X, the Hint can perform the standard Google Search/Now functions and complete an amazing number of tasks (including those linked to Motorola’s API) such as placing/receiving calls, checking out latest sports scores, posting to Facebook, going through messages, retrieving notifications and much more – all completely hands-free, with the help of a neat voice command feature.

Moto Hint earbud colors

With a large majority of smartphones other than the Moto X, this tiny earbud will work as a regular Bluetooth headset with an internal battery that can provide for some 10 hours of talk time or 100 hours of standby time. Plus, there’s one more neat twist – Moto Hint comes with a companion charge case (so small it can even attach to a keychain) which allows you to top up the earplug on the go twice before needing a recharge itself.

Available in a variety of finishes and six different color options, Moto Hint is announced to start shipping sometime this fall so make sure you check it out. If you’re looking to go all wireless, you should never settle with less than the minimalist Moto Hint design. [via]

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Moto Hint by Motorola Moto Hint earbud

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