RippleBuds | Earbuds With Integrated In-Ear Microphone


RippleBuds are really small earbuds that have an in-ear microphone and that are designed to block any noise. This way, you can listen to music or speak in the noisy environment without it bothering you. Also, with the noise minimized, the voice command functions can work in a more efficient way.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

RippleBuds feature Noise Blocking Technology that allows you to speak and be heard clearly wherever you find yourself at that time. This is especially useful when handling important conversation or business meetings. The innovative technology will reduce ambient noise by around 30 decibels and preserve your hearing. What it does is intercepts the voice from the ear canal and not from your mouth, eliminating the background noise.

A Pair Of RippleBuds

RippleBuds feature an integrated in-ear microphone and use the innovative Noise Blocking Technology to eliminate the background noise.

With RippleBuds, you don’t have to handle wires as it uses Bluetooth connectivity and allows your hands to be free. The recharging capsule is there to provide the charge on the go but it’s at the same time a way for you to store RippleBuds when you’re not using them. You can use the “bud” for about 5 hours per charge and the capsule will provide full recharge cycles (3 cycles for stereo and 6 for mono).

RippleBuds With The Two Charging Capsules

The capsules serve both for storage and for on the go charging.

RippleBuds come in five different sizes, so they can fit different users. It’s important to mention that they’re completely sweat-proof and when you want them clean, simply wash the silicone ear-pads. They have a wireless range of 30 feet and they’re compatible with basically any smartphone, computer or tablet with a Bluetooth connection.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Two Guys Using RippleBuds

RippleBuds are wireless and use Bluetooth connectivity. You can pair them with all sort of devices like smartphones, tablets and computers.

Check out this video and see RippleBuds in action.

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