As we all know, even the most advanced wireless Bluetooth speakers are not truly cordless –although Bluetooth technology does away with the wires connecting the set to your phone, player or iPad, there’s still that one cable running from the left to the right earbud. Well, that’s about to change – when we say Earin Wireless Earbuds, we mean exactly that: no cords, no cables or suspended wires of any kind, just two tiny ear-in plugs producing pure high-quality sound.

Dubbed as the world’s smallest wireless earbuds, Earin consists of two miniature drivers that function as a single Bluetooth-enabled headphone unit. But don’t be fooled by the set’s diminutive size – to produce the best possible audio experience, Earin is fitted with AptX-compatible wireless receivers and Knowles SR-Siren balance armature speakers typically found in hearing-aids and professional in-ear-monitors that output crystal clear sound allowing you to hear all the details of your most loved music while ensuring maximum energy efficiency. Thanks to the three different-sized ergonomic foam tips, Earin provides optimum wearing comfort and a secure fit while reducing the earbud volume and weight to the minimum. A special Concha Wing is also available for those wary of losing their Earin when jogging, biking or doing sports – just place the silicon concha lock on your ear and it will make sure your Earin stay firmly in place even in extreme cases.

Earin wireless earphones

In order to keep your tiny earbuds safely stored on the go, the team behind Earin designed a sleek carrying case in the shape of a small capsule that looks as if it could well go on a keychain. On top of providing compact earbud protection, the capsule also functions as a charger that juices up your Earin automatically once placed inside, so you need not worry about your battery going flat after several days of disuse. And speaking about the battery, both  Earin earbuds and the protective capsule are equipped with independent 50mAh rechargeable lithium ion coin cell batteries to scale down the weight and size while providing decent playback time of some 2.5-3 hours (the play time can be doubled if you use the carrying case as the charger).

Sizing 14×20 millimeters and weighing as few as 5 grams, Earin does away with needless cords, allowing you to focus solely on high-quality audio output essentials. The first expected shipping date for Earin is January 2015, so make sure you order your first pair on time. watch video below

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