Do you love all-day camping and the outdoors, BBQ afternoons in your dad’s backyard and ghost stories told by the fireside but fear open fire and related hazards? Then we have just the right thing for you today – the Hole Fire Pit by Italian design studio AK47 is your next best fireplace buddy that promises lots of warmth, comfort and freshly prepared grilled goodness without the imminent risks of fire spreading around your hood or campsite.

Inspired by the concept of a concealed fireplace housing with only the flames visible on the spot, Hole Fire Pit is a built-in outdoor wood inglenook that consists of a steel bowl sizing 135 centimeters in diameter and 20 centimeters in height that goes into a discrete opening in the ground and a closing disk which allows for simple food transfer, retains fire residue and keeps the spot safe when not in use. Easy to install literally on any type of outdoor surface, the Hole Fire Pit comes in a ready-to-assemble kit which requires minimum time and effort to set up, and you can also order the accompanying stainless steel grill measuring 94 centimeters in diameter for some on-site barbecuing and grilling in your backyard or at your favorite camping spot.

Hole Fire Pit by AK47 Design

Due to its discrete housing concealed in the relatively small hole in the earth, the Hole Fire Pit shows only the fire when in use and displays all the much-loved fireplace charms, keeping you and your fireside company warm and cozy – and most importantly, out of harm’s way.

Discrete, safe and easy to set up, Hole blends in with the surroundings when not in use (you may even step on or walk over it) and provides all the fire you might need outdoors so you no longer have to expose yourself and your buddies to fire-related risks when you feel like throwing a spontaneous BBQ session or just spending an evening by the campfire. Packed in a box measuring 140 x 140 x 40 centimeters and weighing120 kilograms, Hole Fire Pit is the ultimate built-in ground fireplace for keen BBQ and campfire lovers so make sure you check it out before you light your next outdoor fire. [via]

Hole Fire Pit by AK47 Design

Fire Pit by AK47 Design

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