One Earth Designs is a company that is dedicated to revolutionize the way we use household appliances. Their goal is to implement use of clean solar energy in homes around the world. Their first step towards achieving this is the Solsource Solar Cooker, an outdoor grill that works solely on the energy from the Sun’s rays.

These rays are concentrated on the base of the cooking surface with a parabolic mirror. Since there is no traditional conversion of solar energy to electricity, there is no need for solar panels. Instead the sunlight is directly turned into heat, with an efficiency of 92% which makes the Solsource Solar Cooker much more practical and effective than the competition. Also, there is no fuel consumption which is a healthy and cheap alternative to gas or solid fuel grills. This means that you can eat healthier food without spending time and money on buying fuel and it’s completely emission-free.

Solsource Solar Cooker

Woman using the Solsource Solar Cooker

How the Solsource solar cooker works

It can even be used on cloudy days, when it’s ideal for smoking fish or red meat. The grill sits on a sturdy metal frame that is easy and quick to set up (about 5 minutes) and is ideal for backyard barbeques. When setting the solar cooker up, adjustment is done until the little black mirror in the middle of the parabolic construction reflects sunlight through its center. This means that the grill is perfectly aligned to the sunlight. In ideal conditions, the cooker heats up to 350° C (700° F) in about 2 minutes. One Earth Designs also recommends the use of black and matte metal cookware which is best at absorbing light and transferring it into heat. Healthy, clean and easy to use, the Solsource Solar Cooker is a must have for anybody that enjoys outdoor cooking while being ecologically conscious. [via]

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