Big Green Egg Grill


Big Green Egg is a cool looking charcoal grill that provides great insulation and can reach the perfect cooking temperature in just minutes. It will allow you to quickly and easily grill, smoke and bake food.

The thing that is noticeable at first is its shape. It’s made out of state-of-the-art ceramics, has a stainless steel cooking grid and a recognizable green color. Big Green Egg comes in seven sizes, so you can choose the one suitable for your needs.

Big Green Egg Grill Outside

Big Green Egg is a charcoal outside grill that can quickly reach the temperature necessary for cooking and retain the heat.

The shape of it allows the air to circulate in the best and most efficient way. There’s a small draft door at the bottom that controls the amount of fresh air entering and a metal top where the heated air exits. The cooking chamber is air-tight so it will keep food moist while at the same retaining the heat. Big Green Egg can reach a temperature of up to 750°F.

Cooking On Big Green Egg Grill Outside

Big Green Egg Grill is made mostly out of ceramics. It features a smart design that allows the fresh air to enter it and heated air to exit, all while keeping the food moist.

The great thing about it is that the ceramic surface doesn’t get that hot and it’s really easy to clean it. Since the ash build-up is minimal, you can simply wipe it clean. You can get all sort of eggcessories like nests, tables, covers but also cooking tools and cookware.

If you lack the inspiration for cooking something new, just visit the Big Green Egg website and find plenty of recipes for grilling, baking, roasting and smoking food. watch video below

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Seven Sizes Of Big Green Egg Grill

Big Green Egg Grill comes in seven different sizes. This is great because you can get the one that best fit your needs.

Check out this video to learn the basics of Big Green Egg. 

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