14 Summer BBQ Essentials

Summer is the perfect time to unclutter your backyard, invite friends over and light a fire for the pleasing BBQ dishes. We made a list of items you need to organize a backyard barbecue in style. Gear up your grill game with these 14 BBQ essentials, it’s all here.

1 – Webber 22″ Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Webber 22" Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

A portable charcoal grill for a family lunch.

The first item on the list is, of course, a grill. We will cover several types today and first in line is a charcoal grill. It features a premium quality construction- it’s baked at 1500 degrees, has a porcelain bowl and lid and is fused with steel ensuring it doesn’t rust or burn. Thanks to the large cooking area, you can prepare large family meals, grill up to 19 burgers at a time and even cook a turkey inside of it. The wheels will allow you to easily move it. The grid measures 22 inches and the entire thing weighs 37.3 lb. Available in four color finishes.

BUY | $149

2 – Char-Griller 20″ Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill

Char-Griller 20" Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill

A Kamado styled grill with side shelves.

Kamado styled grills are made of ceramic and are very versatile. You can use them to grill, smoke, roast, and bake. This one from Char-Griller is a bit lighter than usual, has 306 sq. inches of cooking space and a cast iron cooking grate. What its insulated design does is it uses less heat to get the optimal cooking temperature, meaning it needs less charcoal as well. The metal side shelves are great for storage and can be folded when you don’t need them. There’s a pan that allows you to remove ashes without making a mess. More features include dual adjustable dampers, tubular steel cart, and a heat gauge.

BUY | $349.87

3 – CharBroil Propane Gas Grill

CharBroil Propane Gas Grill

A gas grill with a cast iron grate.

The third type of grill we’re talking about today is a classical gas grill. This CharBroil one works on propane gas, has an electronic ignition system that turns on the burners in no time and in it, you can cook up to 26 burgers at once. It has a cast iron and steel construction as well as the cast iron grate. There are four main burners and an optional side burner. The side shelves offer additional working area and place where you can keep your food, plates, and tools.

BUY | $199

4 – Grilling Grate Oiler Brush

Grilling Grate Oiler Brush

Before you get down to grilling, the surface needs to be well oiled.

This Barbecue Grilling Grate Oiler Brush will provide you with a constant supply of oil. It’s super easy to use as with each brush swipe you’ll apply a steady amount. It’s made from high-temperature resistant plastic and the silicone brush that’s dishwasher safe. Your hands are protected with the heat shield and a special tray is there so that the remaining oil drips inside instead of making a mess. 

BUY | 13.56

5 – FYLINA BBQ Grilling Set

FYLINA BBQ Grilling Set

Pretty much all the tools you need for grilling.

You guessed it right, this is an all-in-one set that contains 18 pieces- 8 corn holders, 2 skewers, tong, spatula, cleaning brush, fork, basting brush and a wire cleaning brush, all packed in a durable aluminum carrying case. Tools are made from stainless steel, meaning they will last you a lifetime and won’t rust. Also, the material makes them all easy to clean. 

BUY | $34.99

6 – PeterIvan Grill Mat Set

PeterIvan Grill Mat Set

A reusable nonstick grill mat.

In this PeterIvan Grill Mat Set, you will get 3 mats. They are reusable, reduce the oil and mess and can be placed directly on a grate, preventing the food from falling between it. This is also practical for when you’re cooking on a dirty grate since the food won’t touch the surface. The mats are compatible with gas, charcoal, and electric grills, they are super easy to clean and are non-stick. Each one is heat resistant up to 500 F and has an FDA approved fiberglass coating.

BUY | $9.99

7 – Habor CP1 Meat Thermometer

Habor CP1 Meat Thermometer

Because no one likes an undercooked piece of meat.

What better way to check the temperature of the meat than by using a meat thermometer? Thanks to the LCD display, you will see the accurate temperature in about 8 seconds. It has the ability to measure from -50ºC (-58°F) to 300°C (572º F). Another practical feature is the long probe. Measuring 5.9 inches you won’t have to get your hand too close to the heat and potentially burn yourself. It’s made from stainless steel, with a plastic tube that serves for storing. After 10 minutes, it will automatically shut off, saving the battery. 

BUY | $6.45

7 – Weber Style Professional-Grade Grill Pan

Weber Style Professional-Grade Grill Pan

Ideal for grilling veggies and fish.

When you’re grilling smaller pieces, they can easily drop from the grate into the fire. This is where grilling pans come in useful. The one we’re talking about today is from Weber and is made out of stainless steel. It allows you not only to cook certain foods together but for them to cook in their own juices, thus enhancing the flavor. The pan measures 14 x 11 inches and has wide carrying handles. When you’re done using it, just wash it with water and soap. 

BUY | $19.99

8 – Weber Barbecue Apron

Weber Barbecue Apron

Whatever you’re cooking, it’s an ideal companion.

We have one more Weber product today, a true BBQ necessity – an apron. It’s made from 100% cotton, has a simple black design with a little red grill on the side. You can adjust it at the neck and waist and use the deep pockets for keeping cutlery or spices.

BUY | $15.94

9 – Schmidt Brothers Ash Can and Pan Grill

Schmidt Brothers Ash Can and Pan Grill

Beer can chicken roasting will never be the same.

Schmidt Brothers produce all sorts of quality cutlery and kitchen tools, usually using wood and stainless steel. The same combination is used for this Ash Can and Pan Grill. The Ash Pakka wood is used for the handle that can be detached. It’s also long, so you can stay away from the fire of the grill when placing the pan on it. The center can is also removable and the bottom is perforated for grilling. To clean it, you can use the dishwasher.

BUY | $33.99

10 – Pappy Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce

Pappy Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce

A taste of the South – a hot sauce with a bourbon twist.

Pappy & Company is famous for their home made bourbon but has made a special edition of pepper sauce perfect for combining with grilled meat. The sauce has a special recipe- it’s aged in charred oak barrels, giving it that smokey Southern flavor. The sauce itself is made from Georgia’s Midland Ghost peppers mixed with other ingredients (distilled vinegar, water, honey, salt and xanthan gum). In the pack, you’ll get two 5 fl. oz bottles.

BUY | $23.50

11 – Spectrum Diversified Euro Grande Trivet

Spectrum Diversified Euro Grande Trivet

Protects your kitchen surfaces.

After you’re done adding meat to the pot, it’s time to serve it. This trivet keeps your table and kitchen surfaces safe from heat, thanks to its sturdy steel construction. The base is raised just enough so that the heat doesn’t get in touch with the surface. It measures 7.75 x 14 inches and can fit casserole dishes. 

BUY | $12.38

12 – Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto 

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

All you need to know about meat smoking.

Franklin Barbecue is an extremely popular place in Austin, the kind where people wait for hours in line just to get a taste of the meat. The owner of the restaurant, Aaron Franklin wrote a book on meat smoking that is pretty much all you need to know to make great barbecue. In it, you’ll learn different techniques for smoking, choosing the right wood and meat, tending fire and much more. 

BUY | $19.64

13 – Weddingstar Hexagon Party Paper Plates

Weddingstar Hexagon Party Paper Plates

Disposable and stylish paper plates.

When you’re making a summer bbq party just thinking about doing the dishes afterwards makes your head hurt. Using disposable plates might be the smartest thing to do. These have a modern hexagon shape and a simple marble pattern. Since the plates are made of paper, they can be recycled. The set comes with 8 plates.

BUY | $21.99

14 – Clarita 31.6 Qt. Bar Cooler

Clarita 31.6 Qt. Bar Cooler

A cooler, cocktail table, and coffee table in one.

Here we are, talking about food all the time, not mentioning the beauty of pairing it with a cold, refreshing drink. This bar cooler serves more than one purpose- it can be used as a simple patio table. The materials are weather-resistant and with its capacity, it can serve four people. There’s an ice bin at the bottom that can be easily removed. Also, the opened bottom of the cooler allows drainage. If you’re using it as a tabletop, you can also raise it ten inches so it transforms into a bar table.

BUY | $81.99

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