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If you ask men what are the key ingredients of a good weekend, we bet that the majority of them would say mates, barbecue and beer. If you are a designated maestro of the barbecue, we have something that will put the cherry on the cake, or rather, pop the cap off the beer while you sizzle your meats. Not only that, it will add a manliness factor of 10 to your barbecuing skills. It is the Machete-Shaped Spatula by Slam Design. Now you can look badass even when grilling meat and we can’t see any men having a problem with that.

Machete Spatula materials

Stainless steel blade and oak handle make this spatula a very durable one

Made from high quality oak and fine stainless steel, you can rest assured that your Machete-Shaped Spatula will never corrode and always be on hand for those fine summer days where you feel the urge for a proper barbecue burning from within. Slam Design, knowing that a manly utensil needs a manly attachment, has brilliantly put one and two together (literally!) by adding a trio of bottle openers on the side of the blade for those moments when you need to pop a brewski and can’t leave your bbq’s side.

Machete Spatula bottle opener

Slam Design has added a trio of bottle openers to this amazing spatula

Last but not least, the designers have also thrown in a bandana for good measure probably to give you that look of Danny Trejo of the bbq world. So, if you don’t mind looking like a Rambo wannabe while beating your way through smoke and heat of sausages and steaks, grab yourself the Machete-Shaped Spatula.

Machete Spatula use

The Machete Spatula lets you flip burgers with ease and allows you to pop open a beer without leaving your grill unattended

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