REI, under the EVRGRN brand, is making a serious effort to dominate the market of outdoor and camping gear because, along with the amazing Campfire Rocker and Crash Sack, we have a pretty cool hammock under this brand. It’s called the Downtime Hammock, and as the name suggests, it was designed so you can chill as much as you want on this comfortable piece of camping gear. The design of the Downtime Hammock brings the comfort of a living room couch to the great outdoors as it allows you to sit with a friend in this comfortable way. It’s even easy to set up and carry around as it pack down to a 27 x 7.5 x 5.5 inch bundle which can be stored in its very own carry bag.


EVRGRN Downtime Hammock capacity

The Downtime Hammock is large and sturdy enough to seat two grown people or for one person to sleep comfortably

A very important feature of every hammock out there is its durability, and the Downtime Hammock is pretty decent in that department. Its made from durable materials geared towards outdoor use, which are very easy to clean. So easy, that all you have to do is hose it down and let it dry after it gets dirty. It measures 91 x 38 x 27.25 inches when fully unfolded, which means that one grown person can sleep in it and two can sit back and relax comfortably. The Downtime Hammock has 650 pounds of weight capacity and its overall weight, along with the carry bag, is 6 pounds and 12 ounces.

Design and Additional Perks

EVRGRN Downtime Hammock carry bag

The carry bag with a shoulder strap lets you take this hammock anywhere you want

The Downtime Hammock is available in three colors: blue horizon/pacific blue, sunset stars/tangerine and charcoal shower. The carry bag comes in a matching color. This hammock has side pockets added to it which can be used when it’s fully set up. You can store whatever you like in them, from snack and drinks to books and magazines, literally anything that helps increase the comfort while staying in the outdoors. The straps which are used to set it up are easy to use and are very durable. All you have to to is find a couple of trees and enjoy yourself.

REI’s Downtime Hammock is yet another excellent piece of outdoor gear which all campers out there will want to have. And we recommend it to not just campers; if you aren’t big on camping but like hammocks, set it up in your back yard and spend a lazy afternoon in one. [via]

EVRGRN Downtime Hammock side pockets

This hammock has side pockets which allow you to store all items which might come in handy

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