Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or your job involves working in dark places, you will acknowledge the importance of the assistance a decent headlamp brings. This is where The Light Series of headlamps by Led Lenser shines because no matter how dark your surroundings may be, you will see and be seen.

The fact that a lot of outdoor enthusiasts practice their activity during nighttime, for which a good headlamp is a must have, and that a lot of jobs require people to work in dark areas has made Led Lenser decide to bring to the table a series of high quality products which will satisfy your every need, regardless of the conditions under which you use a headlamp. The headlamps included in this series are: NEO, H14R.2, SEO 7R and XEO, and each will provide you with unique features. The first in the bunch is NEO, which boasts 90 lumens of visible light, a 150° wide light beam and a rear light which will ensure your safety. Perfect for joggers and cyclists as it weighs only 1.9 ounces (88 g). It is also available in five different colors: blue, green, yellow, pink and orange.

H14R headlamp from LED Lenser


The technology used in its lighting system is called Smart Light Technology which features three operating modes: power, low power and defense strobe. This technology is a basic feature of the rest of the headlamps. Due to its light weight and stylish nature it does not have a rechargeable battery and its light output is slightly weak.Next in line is H14R.2 and it has a maximum light output of 850 lumens, rechargeable battery and uses the Advanced Focus System technology to make sure that the light is easy on the eyes regardless of where your focus is, be it a map in your hands or an object in the distance. Weighing 12 ounces (340 g), this headlamp will keep your surroundings very bright. The SEO 7R is aimed at users who need a headlamp with more flexibility when it comes to battery life as it can adjust its brightness to the light level in your surroundings with the help of OPTISENSE technology. It is rechargeable, weighs 3.28 ounces (23 g), has a maximum of 220 lumens and also uses the Advanced Focus System.



Last but definitely not the least, XEO is the crown jewel of the series. It’s basically the ultimate combination of of the other headlamps in its series as it employs all of their features and has a few useful ones unique to it. With two independent LEDs it has a maximum output of 2000 lumens. Adding a USB charger and power bank to the mix will allow you to charge electronic devices on-the-go with marvelous piece of equipment. It is also quite versatile as you can carry it as a regular flashlight with its power bank and mount it to your helmet or GoPro. Another excellent feature this headlamp has are air intake chambers which allow air to flow around the LEDs in order too cool them and increase their lifespan. Combining the features of of three different headlamps and adding a few excellent and new ones created a very unique product. However, this model has yet to be released. Since the concept behind it is incredible, we will hope that it will be as amazing as it seems after the actual release.

NEO headlamp from LED Lenser

NEO Head Lamp Model

With a headlamp from The Light Series your nighttime outdoor activities will seem like daytime activities, as these excellent headlamps will illuminate your surroundings extremely well and make you feel more safe and confident in what you do. watch video below

XEO headlamp by LED Lenser

XEO Model

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