Having an easily accessible tool can mean a lot under extreme circumstances, which is why having a small folding blade can be important. And if that blade comes with a few other features, all the better. One such folding blade is the Heinnie Haynes Carabiner Knife. This razor sharp blade will definitely come in handy because, apart from having a blade, it was equipped with a wire stripper, bottle and can opener combo. Made from high quality 404A stainless steel and sporting a titanium coating, there is no chance you will be able to damage it, nor will it brake that easily during heavy duty tasks. It can pretty much last you a lifetime.

Carabiner Knife features

Along with the sharp blade, this knife comes with a bottle and can opener, and wire stripper tool

Another very good, and incredibly useful feature, is the added quick-clip carabiner. This, combined with its small size and super sharp blade, makes it a viable EDC item as you can easily hook it on your keychain, backpack or belt. This way, you can rest assured that you will always have a useful tool at your disposal at all times.

Carabiner Knife size comparison

When completely folded, this knife is quite small, which makes it a perfect EDC item

The overall length of the blade is 12.7 cm, with the actual blade being 4.3 cm long and 0.2 cm thick. These measurements, and the materials used in its production, make this blade weigh virtually nothing.

Carabiner Knife discrete design

The black titanium coating makes this blade have a discrete appearance

Manufactured by the renowned European knife maker company, Heinnie Haynes, this Carabiner Knife is definitely something worth looking into because of all of its features, compactness and extremely discrete appearance. [via]

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