When preparing for a longer camping trip it’s very important that you pack cooking gear along with other necessities. A compact stove, gas or wood powered, is a must have but you also got to bring knives. The only problem with packing cooking knives is that they are too bulky, and it usually ends up being just one knife because you can’t fit more than one in any way. Unless you have the Field Knife Set, designed by Tiktaalik, which is geared precisely towards outdoor and cooking enthusiasts. The three knives in this set are easy to both pack and clean, thanks to the great design of these blades.


The Field Knife Set type of knives

The reason these knives are perfect for the outdoors is that they have no grip

The reason these knives are easy to pack and clean is because they have no grip. The removal of the grip ensures that they are not too bulky to be included in your gear and you don’t have to spend a ton of time cleaning the grip, which is usually made from hard-to-clean synthetic materials. Some of you might be thinking that it would be very difficult to handle these knives without a proper grip. Well, the trick to using them lies in learning the professional cooking knife grip which doesn’t rely on the grip at all. In fact, the removal of the grip makes the blades easier to handle due to their light weight. They are even better balanced than regular knives because of their one piece structure.

The Field Knife Set paring field knife

The light weight of these knives makes them easier to handle

Knife Types in the Set

The Field Knife Set chef's field knife

The Chef’s Field knife is the bread and butter of this set

There are three knives in this set, each with its specific use. The Paring Field Knife is the little brother of the group, used for precise slicing and peeling and is the essential part of every knife set. The Serrated Field Knife is here to help you cut everything that has a hard crust or tough skin. And last we have the Chef’s Field Knife which is the most used knife in every cooking knife set. Thanks to the broad blade which is curved upward towards the tip you can slice and mince with ease. One thing that is common for all three knives in this set is their master craftsmanship and the steel used to make them. Tiktaalik opted for Swedish Sandvik 12C27 steel which is the perfect choice for all professional level cooking knife sets, mainly because high quality steel makes for a blade that doesn’t get dull that fast.

The Field Knife Set steel

Tiktaalik used high quality Swedish Sandvik 12C27 steel in order to make these blades

If you are interested in owning this set, feel free to visit the Kickstarter page of the Field Knife Set and pre-order one for yourself so you can prepare meals while camping just as you would at home. And in case your cooking creativity suffers when you cook in the outdoors, there are always helpful cookbooks out there.

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