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Book Of Things Better Than Boobs


The Holidays are coming and you don’t know what to buy your friends?  The ordinary presents are lame? Well, here’s something a little bit extraordinary for you – A Book Of Things Better Than Boobs, by Clint Thrust. Yeah, you heard it right, it’s a whole book of things that are, supposedly, better than boobs. …

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Stainless Steel Alcohol / Moonshine Still | By TableTopStill


If you ever wished to make your own booze or you want to try but think it’s too hard – think again. All you need is the right equipment and we are here to offer you just that. Everything you need to make your own distilled drinks and moonshine is at the comfort of your …

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Shift | First Bitcoin Visa Debit Card In The USA


Bitcoin recently became a very popular solution regarding online shopping and payments, but those transactions could always get a little bit tricky, up until now. We present you The SHIFT card, a bitcoin debit card that will remove all the trickiness from your online and offline transactions.

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Poppi | Airline Of The Future

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Teague is an air travel design firm that started working with Boeing in the mid-1940s. Now, they created a new airline concept called Poppi. It’s really innovative and it offers solutions to complex airline systems. The idea is to create a name, a brand that customers would love. It has to do with loyalty, but most importantly, …

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5 DIY Homemade Shaving Cream Recipes (For Men And Women)

First off, we can definitely agree that there is a certain amount of pleasure in using things you made yourself. You know, you feel pride and joy knowing that, well, you were capable of making it – and it actually works. So, for you enthusiasts out there who want to stop using products that don’t …

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Analogue NT | Premium NES Nintendo System


For all retro gaming enthusiasts, Analogue NT will be a dream come true. Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the best and most iconic video game systems. You’ll probably agree that the best way to play the old games is with the original hardware. That’s why Analogue NT was designed to have the hardware, CPU and PPU …

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Manly Hobbies For All Types Of Men Out There

A busy lifestyle can sometimes drain the life out of you. We spend a lot of time surrounded by phones, TV, computers, and just lying around the house. It’s important to have balance in your life. You must find a way to relieve your stress levels, do something interesting and creative in your spare time. It’s great …

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Ingredients: A Visual Exploration of 75 Additives & 25 Food Products


Have you ever wondered what is really inside your food? Moreover, did you wish to know what it looked like? Well, thanks to photographer Dwight Eschliman and science writer Steve Ettlinger, now you can do just that. Check out their new book called Ingredients: A Visual Exploration of 75 Additives & 25 Food Products. From …

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The Revenant | Leonardo Dicaprio’s Latest Film

Leonardo Dicaprio’s latest film, The Revenant, is coming out in early January 2016. In this biographical 20th Century Fox film, Leo sets out on a path of vengeance after his companions left him to die. The entire story was inspired by the life of Hugh Glass. He was a legendary frontiersman and explorer in the early …

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