UltraRomance | Man Says That Work Is “Unnatural” And Goes On Permanent Holiday

We’ve all been there; the rat race is just getting too much, it would seem that society is designed to make us unhappy, we’re over-medicated. It’s a sad state of affairs, to say the least, and we have all dreamt of escaping. Well, one man, has taken the plunge, and did what we have all dreamt to do.

In a style very much like the film Into The Wild (if you haven’t seen it, you need to watch it today!), a man dubbed “Ultra Romance” has left the 9-to-5 for a life of cycling, camping and adventure. Speaking to Business Insider two years, the 35-year-old said, “I’m not ashamed that I don’t like to work. It’s just very unnatural.” Check out the video below.

Benedict gutting a fish

He “plays” as a fishing guide on his father’s charter boat in Connecticut for six months a year, and then spends the other 6 traveling the world on his bicycle. He manages to do this by living on about $10 a day.

Two different views of Benedict riding his bicycle

“I went to college and got the degree and was trying to … do the hustle right out of college,” Benedict told Business Insider. “Then it was like, I gotta get a house, I’m 24, I got all these student loans … Before you know it, things work out and you meet the right girl and you settle down and buy the house and have the mortgage payment and the cars.”

“But ultimately that was not going to be me.”

Benedict outside with his tent

He also calls himself “Benedict” (for “tax reasons”) and says that he lives comfortably on about $10,000 a year. He also keeps his cash in plastic bags, and only has a bank account to trade and buy bicycle parts on eBay.

Benedict manages to support his lifestyle as a hunter-gatherer and spends 9 hours a week to procure everything that he needs to survive. He says that the rest of his time is meant for leisure, and “This is what’s natural to us.”

He does, however, take some time and money to purchase cheap foods from supermarkets to supplement his diet. His degree in nutrition definitely helped with it.

“My degree is in nutrition, and I’ve always taken care of my body and made sure I was eating well. But my fascination is in peasant foods, and generally those are pretty cheap. Yogurt is a staple of my diet, and the rest is foraging. I don’t buy produce or fruit, and I can usually find whatever greens or berries or anything else I’m looking for. If I’m near the coast I can get seaweed and crabs. I don’t necessarily eat for taste. It’s a lot for nutrition.

As for his goals, he says, “I have no real goal. I just ride. It’s riding, setting up a hammock, taking a siesta, and chilling out.” However, he has traveled the world on his bicycle, from Norway, to New Zealand, and everything in between.

Benedict riding his bicycle with friends, and smoking his pipe.

One thing though, is that he is happy, and he never has to worry about mortgage, bills, or other daily responsibilities. He also meets plenty of ladies on the road, and has a girlfriend. You can check out his, and his girlfriend’s Instagram accounts below to check out his travels.




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