Depart | A Photography, Travel And Adventure Book


Depart is a book created by Sizoo Brothers and several other friends. It represents a photography, travel and adventure book and is an inspirational piece of art that should definitely become an addition to your coffee table collection.

The book features 250 pages of 40 different destinations. Inside, you’ll find over 300 photographs, especially interesting to those who love travel and adventure. But as interesting as the book is the story of Sizoo brothers. For those of you who don’t know, these three teenagers come from the Netherlands and in the last year, they became huge on Instagram.

Sizoo Brothers image

Depart is a photography book by Sizoo brother. It’s devoted to travel and adventure and consists of images from 40 different locations.

Speaking of the inspiration for Depart, they said:

“We visited MENDO at the Berenstraat very often because of the chill vibe and photography books, which fueled our inspiration… We handpicked our favorite photographers on Instagram that shoot nature and travel photos. We made a selection of their photos which we thought needed to be included for Depart.”

Get it from Amazon here.

Sizoo Brothers image

You’ll find more than 300 stunning photos in this book.

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