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Trying to find new and interesting places for your vacation can be challenging as you have an abundance of choices. However, for some vacation spots, you simply can’t pass on the opportunity to visit. Such is Fjällnäs, the oldest mountain hotel in Sweden, where you can experience the most dramatic changes in nature.

Lake at Fjällnäs hotel

Established in 1882, this hotel is set in of one the most beautiful, unspoiled and pure nature regions in the world. The reasons to come here are many: the hotel offers a comfortable stay, exquisite local cuisine, the Mii Gulo spa and its excellent treatments, and the option of exploring around 60 mountain peaks with over 300 km of Nordic ski trails. If you decide to come here in order to relax and enjoy the seclusion this place offers, you can do just that. Enjoying yourself in the hotel and its modern facilities is an option. If you seek to rest both your body and mind, visit the spa and let your worries crumble in a rejuvenating treatment of your choice or take a relaxed hike on one of many marked hiking trails near the hotel.

Fjällnäs mountain hotel

There is a number of activities for those with a taste for adventure as well. Apart from the above mentioned ski trails and the option to go skiing through rough, unspoiled nature, you can take a ride on a snowmobile and explore the complete mountain system in no time. If fishing is a hobby of yours, you will be happy to hear that the hotel organizes fishing trips in waters which are nearby as well as ones which are difficult to find. All of these activities and the relaxing environment are enough for most people to decide to come here. However, there is one reason which attracts travelers from near and far. In the past, the locals depended on interpreting the sudden changes in nature in order to adapt to living in this place. In order to do just that, dividing the year into four season was not enough. This area is characterized by eight different seasons (frosty winter, crusty snow, departure of ice, eternal sun, harvest season, colorful autumn, black snow and yuletide), each with its own changes and characteristics.

Fjällnäs mountain hotel, oldest one in Sweden

If you wish to visit the only place in the world with eight seasons and experience the savage, rough beauty and changes each of these seasons bring, do not hesitate; make a reservation and visit Fjällnäs as soon as possible. watch video below

Fjällnäs mountain hotel

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