One Year On A Bike | From Amsterdam to Singapore


We’ve all had those moments; the stress is getting too much, you feel empty, the rat race just seems to be endless. You then get the idea of just packing up and leaving; just dropping everything and doing something extraordinary. Most of the time, these are fleeting thoughts that we never truly act upon, but one man made the leap. Martijn Doolaard did exactly that and recorded his journey in One Year On A Bike: From Amsterdam to Singapore.

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but One Year On A Bike follows the story of Martijn Doolaard as he drops the convenience of a car, and the comfort and routine of daily life, to undertake an impressive journey on his bicycle. It follows his everyday adventure, struggles, pain, and pleasure, as he undertook a cross-continental journey from Amsterdam to Singapore on nothing more than his bicycle.

He gives us an intimate insight into the lessons that he learned and the observations he made from slow changing scenery. This book follows him as he ventures through Eastern European fields of yellow rapeseed, to the hosting culture of Iran, and everything in between. Doolaard also shares tips and tricks for gear, and things one should keep in mind, for those inspired to undertake the same journey of self-discovery.

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