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If you are looking for the ultimate elegance, contemporary feel and quality in your furniture, Italian furniture company Tonelli is the one to turn to. We have recently featured one of their armchairs, and if you liked that product, you are definitely going to like this one too. It is Bacco glass dining table and it is a piece from a wonderful designer range of glass dining tables and furniture.

Glass dining table from Tonelli

As you can see, Tonelli is all about clean lines, simplicity, top craftsmanship and modernism. Don’t be fooled by the table’s uncomplicated design because this is a rather versatile piece of furniture. It comes in variety of sizes which go up to three metres in length, the top is available in three formats (square, round and oval), while the table can be manufactured in regular tempered glass or extremely light glass which has no green hue. Just to reassure you, the extra light glass is as strong as normal glass. The thickness of the glass used to make Bacco is 12mm or 15mm FL. Also, other glass colours are available on request.

Bacco glass table is handmade in Italy to the highest standard. The glass used in making Bacco has some of its crystals removed so that less light is refracted through it which, in turn, ensures a brighter appearance especially in the case of 15mm FL glass. The Bacco has two symmetrical glass supports which give the table an all around balanced form. By the way, the table weighs hefty 150kg so be careful when you assembly it. If you don’t need a dining table per se, the base of the Bacco table can be re-arranged into an office desk.

Bacco glass table by Tonelli

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