When it comes to coffee table designs, we are constantly under the impression that we have seen everything there is to be seen and that there is nothing new or fresh out there. We are proven wrong again. This time around, it is an Italian designer Alessandro Isola who is proving us wrong with his re-design of the classic coffee table. There is nothing classic, familiar or already seen about Isola’s coffee table.

The table is fittingly called “Stumble Upon”. At first glance, Isola’s coffee table resembles a carpet with one of its corners turned upwards, leaving the onlooker quite baffled as to the purpose of this object. This is one of those furniture pieces that demands your attention the moment you enter the room and maybe you’ll even attempt to straighten out this irritating ‘carpet corner’ before you realize it is actually an ingenious coffee table.

The backside of Alessandro Isola’s coffee table is sleek, polished and shiny, and the textures of the two surfaces – the topside and the backside of the table – are in complete contrast to each other. The table’s backside is a reflective multifaceted surface on which you can place various objects – books, vases, ashtrays, glasses. The designer says that when you “enter a room, you immediately feel the evidence of an occupant”, and with the Stumble Upon table, the occupant is definitely a hip, stylish and elegant individual. [via]

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Stumble Upon coffee table

Stumble Upon coffee table Alessandro Isola

Stumble Upon coffee table by Alessandro Isola

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