MSR Lightning Ascent Snow Shoes


Do you enjoy spending time outdoors, in the open snow fields, where everything is white, and it just gets whiter and whiter? Do you lack the proper gear for such a task? If you do, feel free to check our new MSR Lightning Ascent Snow Shoes, built on request from their numerous customers, designed to fit you and help you move more freely across snow plains.

360 degree Traction frames equally distribute your weight, which allows for an aggressive walk over snow, with a strong sense of security. Made of stainless steel, these walking platforms are safe to use, and they are also highly durable. The attachments are freeze-resistant, and the two pieces can move independently. These snow shoes increase traction and allow you to even walk uphill with ease, reducing fatigue and increasing walking speed. Has it ever been easier to walk across snow?

MSR Lightning Ascent snow shoes

There are three models; the 22-inch ones, which weigh around three pounds and 13 ounces, and have up to 250 pounds of weight capacity, the 25-inch ones, which weigh three pounds and 15 ounces and hold up to 280 pounds of weight, and the biggest ones, the 30-inch ones, weighing around four pounds and 7 ounces, carrying the weight of up to 300 pounds.

The MSR Lighting Ascent snow shoes comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which makes it unique and reliable. So why wait, order today, and the next time you encounter snow, you will enjoy running across it and maneuvering as if walking across a field of grass.

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Uses of the MSR Lightning Ascent snow shoes

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