3 Tips for Balancing Style and Function In Your Dining Room

Designing your living space is a careful balancing act that requires tact and measured consideration. The dining room in particular demands a keen eye for effective furniture selection and tasteful decoration. Homes often revolve around the dining room, they are spaces where family and friends can connect, so you should design your space with this importance in mind.

You’ll need to strike a perfect balance between style and function. A dining room can be beautifully decorated, but if this comes at the detriment of the eating experience then what is the point?

Similarly, a bare bones dining room might be a perfectly acceptable place to eat, but visual stimuli is required to keep diners engaged. We’ve put together a guide with three top tips for balance function and style in your dining room. Check it out below.

Dining Table

The dining table is the most important part of the room. It acts as the centerpiece and will be what your diners gather around to eat, chat, and connect with one another. Dining tables come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and styles, you’ll need to carefully assess the space you have and evaluate what kind of dining experience you are looking to create before making your choice.

Ensure you take measurements of your room before making a purchase; the last thing you want is a dining table that is too big for the space, meaning your guests have to squeeze in and be uncomfortable.

Dining Chairs

Once you’ve picked out the perfect table, it’s time to get yourself some chairs. Again, chairs come in a variety of different forms, and the choice you make will be primarily determined by the table you’ve selected, but you’ll still have to choose from multiple options.

Your options don’t end at chairs, you can go for stools for a casual bar-style look or even benches which can create a relaxed atmosphere and come with additional practical benefits.

Your best bet when looking for the perfect dining chairs is to shop around. Check out some dining room chairs set of 4 collections to assess your options before coming to a final decision.

Table Decorations

Table decorations are the perfect way to add some life and vibrancy to your dining room. Some popular choices include candles, flowers, or fruit bowls. One way to decide what to go for when choosing your table decorations is to follow the seasons. Flowers work perfectly for spring and summer, while candles will help warm the soul on those chilly winter nights.

When choosing table decorations, keep the size of your table and the number of diners in mind. You don’t want decorations that take up too much surface area and negatively impact the dining experience of your guest.


When furnishing any room, balancing style and function is crucial. This is particularly important in your dining room, making the right design and decoration choices will ensure you create an enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere for family and friends.

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