Not that we would like you to be in a situation where you would require fire to survive, but should you ever need to light fire quickly and effortlessly this is a must have product – Waterproof Fire Kit designed by Fort Standard from Queens, New York. Waterproof Fire Kit is a successor, albeit a pared-down one, of the hugely popular Life is Precious Survival Kit which was created for the Handmade Exhibition at Milan’s Salone Del Mobile.

The kit is made from solid, single piece of durable brass with a coarse bottom that serves as a striking pad. This rustic-looking cylinder shaped kit also contains matches and a cotton ball which can be used as tinder. The waterproof brass ‘match box’ has words “fire, light and warmth” and “strike on bottom” etched into it. Basically, you have everything you need to get a fire going in a stylish, sturdy, compact waterproof kit.

Although, Waterproof Fire Kit is a bit on a pricey side, do not think of it as a luxury to be owning, rather a clever invention that will keep you warm on cold camping nights. If you pair it with the Life is Precious Survival Kit (which contains a Swiss army knife, a canister cap which also serves as a compass, a whistle and fishing wire), you are all set for wilderness. [via]

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Waterproof fire kit

Match striker match case

Matches in waterproof brass case

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