We bet that if you ask 100 people what fixture they would like to install in their bathroom if they had enough money, 90 of them would say a jacuzzi bath or a mini-spa. Since the average cost to install either is close to $3,500, we have found a more affordable alternative that is so easy to assemble and yet won’t break the bank. It is called Silver Cloud portable inflatable spa, and it is produced by M-Spa.

Whether you are looking for a post-workout soak or a relaxing and restful bath after a hard day’s work, Silver Cloud inflatable spa could just be your cup of tea. This is a luxury that you can afford and a wonderful stress-reliever. The spa is a complete package. It takes about ten minutes to set it up the first time, and the whole installation process is very straightforward. The manufacturer has even included a DVD with an installation demonstration.

Features of the Silver Cloud portable inflatable spa

Silver Cloud seats four adults and it is a bubble massaging spa with incredible 118 air jets. The spa can heat up to 42°C (104 °F), and you can experience it with your friends, family or maybe just your partner. Silver Cloud has the classic round shape and it is made from very durable charcoal grey Rhino-Tech 6 layer reinforced PVC cover material. It is also lined with a metallic silver premium PVC liner.

This portable spa has a control box that ensures an incredibly quick inflation, while a clever drainage design allows you to remove the water via a garden hose adapter. Silver Cloud’s capacity is approximately 700 litres (184 gallons) of water, and it weighs only 25 kg (55 lbs). Its dimensions are 1.80 x 0.70m H (71″ x 28″H).

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