Exotac made a waterproof casing for matches and named it The MATCHCAP. This box can hold 10 to 20 matches that are up to 72mm in length, which means that any standard kitchen, extended length stormproof or even the NATO lifeboat matches can fit into it. However they advise not to overfill it, and to always leave about one quarter empty. The casing is waterproof to depths up to 5 meters, very durable, almost indestructible, and its design is really cool.

The MATCHCAP is capsule-shaped; it is made of high quality 6061 aircraft aluminum that has been modified to be really sturdy. The fact that there are also square threads on the casing itself means Exotac really wanted to make this little casing extremely solid, and they worked on every single detail, thought about everything, and in the end they did a great job.


There are two strikers – one is at the bottom, and the other one is on the inside. Exotac decided to add an O-ring, in order to keep the matches and the red phosphorus striker on the inside dry. The MATCHCAP is delivered with extra match strikers, since the striking pads are replaceable, extra O-rings, and a lanyard. This stylish casing comes in three different colors – black, blaze orange, and gunmetal gray.

If you are in a need of an extremely strong casing for storing matches or other fire starting material, currently there is no better choice than The MATCHCAP.

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Striker of a waterproof match case

Waterproof match case from Exotac

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