Vollebak Baker Miller Relaxation Hoodie


Made to chill you out, Vollebak Baker Miller Relaxation Hoodie is “the world’s most relaxing piece of technical clothing.” Everything about this hoodie is engineered for maximum relaxation and we’re gonna explain you exactly how it works.

First of all, the idea behind it is to activate your parasympathetic nervous system that’s responsible for rest and recovery of your body. The hoodie itself is made from a high performance softshell that’s insulated, breathable, water repellent, windproof and hydrophobic. This pretty much means it will protect your body while keeping you warm and comfortable.

A Guy Wearin Vollebak Baker Miller Relaxation Hoodie

Vollebak Baker Miller Relaxation Hoodie is designed to completely calm you down.

You may ask, why the pink? Well, this color can calm you down and lower your heart rate. Because of the mesh visor, it floods your vision with this color and you can see out but no-one can see in. Pretty cool. The visor will also make you breathe through your nose, which is another way to slow your breathing and calm down.

Hood On The Vollebak Baker Miller Relaxation Hoodie

The mesh visor makes you breathe on your nose and see cool shades of pink.

For the ultimate relaxation, all you have left is to place your arms into Asymmetrical Sling Pockets that will minimize movement and download the special Baker Miller Pink soundtrack. Inside the hoodie, you’ll find a zipped pocket and built-in cable channels. [via]

Pockets On The Vollebak Baker Miller Relaxation Hoodie

Asymmetrical Sling Pockets are made to minimize the movement pf your body so you can relax faster.

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