Bluffworks Meridian Dress Shirt


A while ago we featured a unique, comfortable and stylish blazer from Bluffworks. The company successfully reached its goal on Kickstarter for several projects, proudly standing behind their innovative design. What separates Bluffworks’ versatile travel clothes is the combination of technical features usually seen in adventure apparel coupled with a practical office style. This means you can wear them for pretty much any occasion, whether you’re riding your bike to work or sitting on a plane for hours. Today we’re covering their newest piece of clothing – the Bluffworks Meridian Dress Shirt.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

a guy wearing Bluffworks shirt

Bluffworks Meridian Dress Shirt is wrinkle-free, soft, stretchy and fast drying.

This innovative dress shirt will feel comfortable and soft on your skin yet provide you with great style. This is achieved thanks to its 98% polyester construction that is stretchy and quick drying. More importantly, this fabric is wrinkle free and you don’t need to iron it. Another interesting feature about the fabric is that it has a visible weave so you can literally see the yarn.

a detail of a guy wearing Bluffworks Meridian shirt

It features a material made of 98% polyester that’s antimicrobial and very durable.

Another factor that will be especially useful for commuters and men on the go is its antimicrobial properties. This means you can pack the shirt in a backpack and it will stay fresh and ready to be worn even after a few days without washing it. Speaking of that, the Bluffworks Meridian Shirt is machine washable, just make sure not to use fabric softener or bleach and wash it with clothes of similar colors.

three images of wearing Bluffworks Meridian Dress Shirt

The shirt can be combined with different outfits and worn on many occasions.

Finally, the Meridian Dress Shirt is made with thoughtful details like pattern-aligned pockets and metal collar stays. It can be easily combined with a relaxed, casual or professional look.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

three colors of Bluffworks Meridian Dress Shirt

The shirt comes in three color patterns – Peak Blue Tattersall, Highland Grey Check, and Deep Blue Mini-Check.

details of Bluffworks Meridian Dress Shirt

More details of the shirt.

Check out this video and see Bluffworks Meridian Dress Shirt in action.

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