How many times have you faced the dire realization that you have nothing cool to wear to work, club, business lunch or a special late-night date because you hadn’t picked up your favorite clothes from dry cleaning on time? And on that note, how much money have you spent on regular dry cleaning routines so far? If you’re an average bloke with lots of things on their mind daily who simply will not fuss with lengthy washing, drying and ironing procedures, your most probable answer to both of these questions would be ’Loads’. Well, today we bring you a solution to all your dry cleaning-related woes and ever-growing demands for fresh clothes: meet SWASH™ Express Clothing Care System, a convenient household appliance created for the sole purpose of saving you some precious cleaning time, cutting your dry cleaning costs and preventing excessive fabric wear and tear through washing regimens.

Swash Express clothing care system

The outcome of collaboration between world-famous laundry companies P&G and Whirlpool, SWASH™ is your own home clothing care system that will refresh, de-wrinkle and restore the fit shape of your clothes in as few as ten minutes at a simple push of a button. Designed to fit inside most living spaces and even some modestly-sized indoor facilities like closets, SWASH™ does away with lengthy washing cycles, dull drying procedures and tedious ironing routines and keeps your clothes fresh, deodorized and crisp in between regular laundering and dry cleaning regimens.

Swash Express clothing care system in beige

Although it will not replace your regular washing machine or a thorough dry cleaning routine, SWASH™ will spruce up your clothes and neutralize nasty odors in a flash, and it will also help keep your clothes fit and tear-free longer. All you need to do to put your SWASH™ to good use is plug the device into a standard 120-volt wall outlet (no tinkering with water vents, complex plumbing or pipe setup necessary) with the help of the included 72-inch cable, load your clothes inside together with one SWASH PODS™ cup and press the Start button. In just ten minutes (on Normal Cycle, 15 minutes on Heavy Duty), your clothes will be as fresh, fine-scented and ready to wear as can be – and the de-wrinkling and deodorization will cost you no extra money either.

How to use the Swash Express clothing care system

Safe for use on most fabrics including denim, polyester, wool, lycra, cotton, as well as sensitive materials like sequins, cashmere, delicate beading and lace, SWASH™ will help extend the life of the fabric as it doesn’t lead to dye washout, pilling or fading. To keep the procedure straightforward and easy to understand, the smart appliance features a smart LED control panel with automatic shut-off control and multicolored status alerts (Countdown Time Remaining, Cycle Done and Cup Missing) to keep you up-to-date on the clothing care cycle progress. Crafted from galvanized steel and fitted with a metal knob, this cool cleaner comes with six Smoothing Clips and one Pocket Smoother that provide optimum tension to straighten your clothes during the restoration procedure. For optimum refreshments and extra dash of fine scents, SWASH™ features an advanced spray technology that turns the SWASH PODS™ formula into fine mist to relax the strained fabric and there’s also an onboard 1300-watt rapid heat system with recirculation airflow to eliminate light wrinkles and restore the shape to your clothes.

Storing Swash Express clothing care system

Measuring 16-1/2 x 30 x 51 inches (L x W x H) and weighting 80 pounds, SWASH™ is available in two different colorways, Shadow and Linen, to perfectly much your interior décor. SWASH™ ships in the box with an adjustable hanger, a pocket smoother, 12-piece multipack SWASH PODS, a Quick Start guide and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Order your SWASH™ today and enjoy ever-fresh, delicately scented and wrinkle-free clothes in the years to come. watch video below

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