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Removu P1 GoPro Live Viewer


If you’re one of the people who have adopted the GoPro technology for sharing your exclusive footage with the world, you’ll love the Removu P1 GoPro Live Viewer. This handy device connects with your GoPro LCD Backpack via Wi-Fi and allows you to control the GoPro functions and view live footage right on your wrist. …

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Meet Li-Fi | Internet 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

If you thought Wi-Fi was advanced technology, just wait until you learn about Li-Fi! It’s a new wireless technology that allows for greater security on local networks and researchers have achieved speeds 100 times faster than those of Wi-Fi. This innovative high-speed data transfer technology was invented by professor Harald Haas from the University of …

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from $30|

With the “less is more” motto, the Remix Mini is looking to replace your standard PC with a more compact one. The Remix Mini is something new entirely, it is a fully functional PC device which runs solely, and efficiently, on an Android Lollipop version called Remix OS. This OS gives you the ability to …

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As we are experiencing more and more of our household appliances turning smart, it is only natural that our light bulbs follow suite and don’t get left behind in this ever-growing trend. There are quite a few smart bulbs which work in unison with their companion apps, but there aren’t many as versatile as the ones …

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Today is the future you were talking about yesterday, and you probably need some gadgets for it. And San Francisco-based startup company Eero wants to give you precisely that. Meet EERO Wi-Fi Router, a handsome device that will help you get full Wi-Fi coverage in your home – and it is a pretty good-looking gadget …

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