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As we are experiencing more and more of our household appliances turning smart, it is only natural that our light bulbs follow suite and don’t get left behind in this ever-growing trend. There are quite a few smart bulbs which work in unison with their companion apps, but there aren’t many as versatile as the ones made by Sengled. This company currently has three smart bulbs with interesting features, all designed in a futuristic way. The three Sengled Smart Bulbs are: Boost, Pulse and Pulse Solo. Each of these are dimmable LED light bulbs, but they also have additional functions (depending on the model).


Sengled Boost

This smart bulb helps you deal with internet dark zones in your house by boosting your Wi-fi signal

Sengled Boost is geared towards all people who have trouble with the Wi-fi network in their homes. Boost does what its name says, it increases the range of your Wi-fi signal so you can avoid dealing with internet black zones. The more of these bad boys you have screwed in the light sockets in your home, the better your Wi-fi coverage is.


Sengled Pulse

Pulse is the newest way of bringing surround sound to your home, straight from your light socket

Sengled Pulse is the audiophiles new best friend. Along with providing you with necessary illumination, each Pulse is equipped with a built-in JBL multi-channel stereo wireless speaker. Screw in a couple of these and experience an unconventional approach to surround sound in your home. With its companion app, you get to control every single Pulse used in your home. The Pulse is also the most stylish one as it comes in three colors: pewter, pearl white and candy apple.

Pulse Solo

Sengled Pulse Solo

Pulse Solo is best used on your work desk, so you can have a discrete stereo speaker and save space

Well, after telling you all about Pulse, its pretty obvious what the Pulse Solo is all about. This is a standalone light bulb/speaker which is best used either in you desk lamp or in your bedroom. Equipped with a dual 3-watt JBL speaker, you can have the benefit of having a hidden stereo sound system and surprise your guests with awesome tunes.

There is one more model that has been announced by Sengled called Snap, which has a built in wireless camera. However, it is still unavailable so we can’t give you more precise details about Sengled’s take on an affordable security camera.

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