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Bubba Rope | Rope With Insanely High Breaking Strength


If you ever got your vehicle stuck in mud, snow or sand, then you know how hard it can be to get out of that situation. Bubba Rope is developed by the US military and it will pull out your vehicle in no time. Bubba Rope is made from 100% double braided nylon rope and it …

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Rokon Trail-Breaker Dirt Bike


When you hear that some motorcycle has been widely used by the US Armed Forces, Forest Service, Fish and Game officers, you’ll instantly know that it must be good. And you’re right, Rokon Trail-Breaker Dirt Bike is one hell of a ride for pretty much all conditions. It’s powered by a 208cc, 7-hp Kohler four stroke single …

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Turtleback Off-Road Trailer

from $9,995|

If you’re into camping and outdoor exploration, but RVs are too big for your taste or simply way out of your financial reach, Turtleback Off-road Trailer may just hit your sweet spot. Dave Munsterman is a name behind the Turtleback Trailers, a company that specializes in creating durable and easily transportable camping trailers. When Dave …

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Sherp ATV | Latest Russian ATV


If you want to conquer some of the roughest terrains, such as the ones in Siberia for example, you’re going to need a mighty all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in order to do so. The latest ATV by Sherp will definitely be able to overcome every possible obstacle on its way. This vehicle is packed with a …

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Nissan Titan Warrior | Redefining Pick-Ups


If you like adventurous off-road driving then you’re going to be pretty excited about this new model Nissan presented at the 2016 NAIAS. Nissan Titan Warrior is a mighty, aggressive looking off-road pick-up truck with a 5.0 L V8 turbo diesel engine. This new Warrior concept was developed from the original Nissan Titan XD. People …

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Trac-Grabber | Gets Your Car Out Of Tight Spots


Here’s one simple but very effective device you can use when you get stuck in the mud, snow or sand. The Trac-Grabber will quickly get your vehicle unstuck from all types of terrain. The Trac-Grabber uses the power of the vehicle to extract it from a poor traction situation. It’s very easy to use and one …

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Tamiya RC Toyota Land Cruiser


The holiday season always brings out the children in all of us. Even grown ups like toys, and when you show a man the Tamiya RC Toyota Land Cruiser, his eyes will twinkle with tears. This would be the ultimate present for any man who likes cars and engineering. This is an old school model …

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Zarooq Sand Racer | The First Car Built In The UAE


Since the first car was made, people always wanted to conquer all types of surfaces. Dirt, grass, mud, even ice and they managed to create cars that will overcome those terrains. But driving in sand was always a challenge of its own. Well, with the mighty handmade Zarooq Sand Racer the desert will finally be completely conquered. Of …

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Rampage Trail Can and Utility Tool Box | Every Off-Roaders Dream


Going on a road trip? You don’t have enough space in your car for your luggage, fuel tank and all essential tools for your car? Well, Rampage Trail Can and Utility Tool Box will allow you to organize your space and tools with the Trail Can that can easily fit in your car. Here’s what …

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There are some great news for off-road driving fans. The Korean giant KIA is preparing the amazing number of six new concepts for this year’s SEMA in November. Each of these new models are going to represent different parts of the United States. To make things even more exiting, KIA decided to turn its famous Forte Koup into …

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