Trac-Grabber | Gets Your Car Out Of Tight Spots


Here’s one simple but very effective device you can use when you get stuck in the mud, snow or sand. The Trac-Grabber will quickly get your vehicle unstuck from all types of terrain.

The Trac-Grabber uses the power of the vehicle to extract it from a poor traction situation. It’s very easy to use and one person can install it with no problems. You just have to follow a few simple instructions.

Instaling Trac Grabber

The Trac Grabber is simple to use and very effective.

First, secure the strap of  the Trac-Grabber to each drive wheel. Make sure it’s tight, to prevent slippage. You should try to clear away the mud, snow or sand from the wheels to make the process easier. Slowly apply power until the tires start to rotate. Keep the wheels straight as possible and drive in reverse, or forward. Use the direction that’s the shortest to the stable terrain. Once you get the vehicle out, remove the Trac-Grabber. It’s as simple as that.

You’ll get two Trac-Grabber blocks, so you can put one on each drive wheel. The Trac-Grabber can fit most vehicles, it’s affordable and you can always keep in the trunk since you never know when you’ll need it.

Get it from Amazon here.

To see how The Trac-Grabber works, check out this video. 

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