Bubba Rope | Rope With Insanely High Breaking Strength


If you ever got your vehicle stuck in mud, snow or sand, then you know how hard it can be to get out of that situation. Bubba Rope is developed by the US military and it will pull out your vehicle in no time.

Bubba Rope is made from 100% double braided nylon rope and it has a heavy vinyl polymer coating for abrasion protection. Depending on the model, its breaking strength goes from 19,000 pounds up to incredible 131,500 pounds. What makes this rope different from typical snatch straps, chains and recovery ropes is its ability to stretch and use its own kinetic energy to get your vehicle unstuck from all types of terrain.

Orange And Black Bubba Rope

The 100% double braided nylon rope stretches out and uses its own kinetic energy to pull out your vehicle.

Bubba Rope has a Gator-Jaw soft shackle. The button knot and self-tightening loop are designed not to slip off when you’re using it. The Plasma synthetic rope is the top quality rope and it will provide the best possible performance. Bubba Rope is also water, UV and abrasive resistant. To clean it, just hose it off.

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Watch this video to see how easily Bubba Rope will get your vehicle pulled out.

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