Socks Every Man Should Have in His Sock Drawer

As a man, having the right pair of socks in your sock drawer allows you to confidently step out in style no matter the occasion.

From fancy dress socks to seamless no-shows, we share why you may want to consider having these different styles in your rotation:

Essential Socks to Have on Hand

Here’s a list of some of the most versatile sock types every man should own:

Type of SocksLengthFabricActivity
EverydayMid-CalfCotton/Merino WoolWalking/Lounging
AthleticAnkle to CrewSynthetic FibersCardio/Running/Intense Sports
No-ShowBelow the Shoe CollarCottonSummer/Warmer Climates

Dress Socks

When it comes to professional or formal attire, having the right pair of dress socks can do a lot. Dress socks come in various colors, fabrics, and styles, and a man should always have a few pairs of dress socks in his drawer. Silk, wool, and cashmere are the fabrics of choice for dress socks, as they give the outfit a polished look. Sourcing from reputable brands and quality fabrics ensures they will last longer – and won’t sag.

Uncertain about the length?

You can choose from two options: mid-calf and over-the-calf. Mid-calf socks are considered to be more casual and comfortable. Consider this length for daily office wear or where presentation is important but not imperative. 

Over-the-calf socks are an excellent choice for formal dress attire or special occasions, as they never sag and have a reliably crisp look.

Everyday Socks

When comfort is the most important factor, a man should have a few pairs of crew socks in his drawer. For everyday wear, go for breathable fabrics such as cotton or merino wool. These materials are soft and lightweight, allowing them to fit well and feel comfortable against the skin. Beneath the materials, look for a sock with a reinforced heel and toe for extra durability and comfort.

If most of your wardrobe consists of casual attire, you can opt for crew socks, as they tend to look better with denim or chinos. Besides solid colors such as black or navy, consider investing in a few fun patterned pairs for weekends or date nights.

Athletic Socks

Fancy a little physical activity?

Athletic socks can make or break your feet. Crafted from synthetic fibers, these socks move with your feet, draw moisture away from the skin to reduce blistering, and provide a comfortable fit. Look for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal materials to keep your feet feeling and smelling fresh. These are especially important if you prefer cardio workouts or high-tempo sports like soccer or basketball.

Summer No-Shows

During the summer or in warmer climates, no-show socks are the perfect accessory. Whether you’re wearing boat shoes, espadrilles, or even a pair of sneakers, no-show socks will make you look dapper and put together.

What we particularly love with these socks is that they work for so many different outfits. For the fabric, cotton works best as it keeps the air circulating around the feet and will absorb sweat.

But why not just go barefoot?

Despite the thin fabric, no-show socks keep your feet dry, clean, and comfortable. This reduces odor and blistering that may be caused by the friction between the shoe and your foot. No-show socks also prevent your shoes from rotting from the inside out, which can happen if you wear them without socks.

Core Colors

Within each of the primary categories of socks a man should have, neutral colors such as navy, black, grey, or white should be the mainstays. These colors are easier to mix and match, allowing for a greater variety of pairings.

Patterned or fun socks can be added to the mix but should be kept to a minimum.

Understanding How Sock Length Impacts Style

The length of the sock is also an important consideration when building out your wardrobe. A longer sock is more formal in look and feel, whereas a mid-calf or no-show sock will give the outfit a more casual vibe. Sock sites like Beneath the Knees showcase how different lengths of dress socks can be used to compliment an outfit.


Having the right pair of socks is the finishing touch for any man’s wardrobe. Invest in good quality socks and make sure to include dress socks, everyday socks, athletic socks, and no-show socks in your sock drawer. Don’t forget to source mostly neutral colors to get more matching possibilities. With these basic sock types, you will be ready to face any challenge with style and comfort.

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