The FYF (free your feet) project on Kickstarter has a new revolutionary idea. They want to solve problems related to various extreme sport situations without sacrificing the feel of being barefoot . Instead of being forced to wear protective footwear in such situations, the guys at Swiss Barefoot offer you a simple solution – Socks. But these aren’t ordinary, run of the mill sweat socks. They are made of a special type of wool called Dyneema.

Years of engineering research and development have made it possible to create the first kevlar-made protection sock for the open market. Dyneema is a flexible, abrasion-resistant, hydrophobic, lightweight material that is 15 times stronger than steel. The qualities of the material help the socks absorb sweat effectively, dry off fast and provide easy maintenance.

3D model of the FreeYourFeet FYF Socks

Being socks, putting them on is very easy and fast. FYF socks also have grip dots on the soles for added control and comfort. Packing and storing the socks is easy with a waterproof pouch which is also provided. Putting aside the complex engineering and the use of futuristic materials, you should be aware that these are still socks, and won’t be able to withstand punctures (or bullets).

FYF socks being used outdoors instead of shoes

FreeYourFeet FYF Socks used for surfing

Be it wakeboarding, kite boarding, scuba diving, beach volleyball or hiking you can be sure that FYF socks will provide your feet with superior protection and control. The project has already hit its target on Kickstarter, and will be available at the start of 2016. You can still get early backer status by preordering the product here.

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Watch the promo video below from the Kickstarter campaign

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