Leave Your Socks At Home | Comfy Summer Shoes And Slip-ons

When considering buying new shoes, you must have a checklist. No matter if you’re getting winter or summer shoes, some key features are the same. You should always look for footwear made from high-quality materials, designed to provide you not only comfort, but flexibility, breathability, and style. Today’s list is all about summer. We wanted to include different models, depending on your style, and help you spend less time shopping and more time enjoying the weather. Check out our list of comfy summer shoes and slip-ons.

1 – Rivieras Tour De Monde

Rivieras Tour De Monde

Inspired by 1950s Mediterranean menswear, a low profile and a casual silhouette, Rivieras Tour De Monde is the go-to shoe for summer. The idea behind this model was to celebrate exploration, relaxation, meeting new people and traveling the world. The shoe features a durable canvas construction with a super-soft terrycloth lining and a sheepskin inner sole. The front mesh part provides the shoe with breathability and ventilation while the natural gum rubber outsole makes sure you walk steady even on slippery and wet surfaces. More details include a golden rivet emblem, cotton piping, and a saddle-stitched welt.

BUY | $78

2 – Soludos


One more brand that celebrates the summer spirit is Soludos. These shoes are inspired by classic espadrilles made and worn along the Mediterranean. You can find several models, all having one thing in common- a light canvas fabric upper. They can be easily combined with any summer outfit and great for travel since they take little space in your luggage. This model, in particular, has two interesting motifs, one on each shoe. There’s the embroidered surfer and shark, together with a twill lining. The model fits true to size.

BUY | $67.50

3 – Mohinders


Here’s one more pair for you everyday wear- Mohinders. They come in several models, all hand made in rural India, Athani Village. The company actually created a cooperation there, with over 170 families of artisan entrepreneurs. The shoes are made with tanned water buffalo leather molded into a durable woven leather upper. This weaving method is a part of traditional Indian shoe construction. The sole is made from a single piece of natural crepe rubber that gives the shoe both comfort and flexibility.

BUY | $145

4 – Aldo Jereradda

Aldo Jereradda

We must agree that comfort is not the only crucial thing when choosing summer shoes. It’s the flexibility and breathability as well. Luckily, Aldo Jereradda is breath-easy cotton canvas slip on perfect for hot days. These loafers come with a closed round toe and a slip on closure. Both the lining and the upper are made from cotton. You can wear them with pretty much anything and easily pair with shorts or rolled chinos. Besides white, they come in navy and grey as well.

BUY | $39.99

5 – Island Slippers

Island Slippers

Island Slippers is a family firm that creates premium sandals and slippers in Oahu, Hawaii and has been doing it for more than half a century. From top to bottom, they are extremely soft and will provide you with that walking on a cool cloud feeling. For the construction, they use top-quality full-grain leather. There’s also a super comfy EVA foam footbed and an Island Pro rubber outsole. The outsole is designed with an arch support and heel cup, giving you a proper support. Island Slippers are available in several colors like whiskey, navy, and brick.

BUY | $89.95

6 – Lems Mariner Shoe

Lems Mariner Shoe

Lems Shoes are built to absorb shock and provide stability to the foot. This is why their design follows the natural shape of your toes, allows a natural range of motion and promotes good posture and proper spine alignment. This minimalist boat shoe is very flexible and lightweight. It’s made from a full-grain leather upper and features a recognizable Lems rubber sole. It’s definitely a smart choice for warm weather. Mariner Shoe is available in navy, sonora, and walnut color.

BUY | $105

7 – Teva Alp Premier Sandal

Teva Alp Premier Sandal

It’s time to introduce you to the last pair for today. We decided to go with sandals. The Alp Premier comes with a classical strap design and serves as the ultimate functioning sandal. This is achieved thanks to its EVA foam footbed cushions that ensure you stay comfortable even after an entire day in them. The straps are made from polyester webbing that is quick-drying and adjustable. The outsole features rubber materials that are great to have, especially for slippery and rocky surfaces.

BUY | $80

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