Nicetrails – Custom 3D Printed Art Pieces Of Your GPS Tracks


Nicetrails is a way to turn your hiking memories into art using 3D printing technology. This is a perfect way for you to share experiences with those who weren’t present, to add a cool piece of art to your collection or turn your efforts into a unique gift.

So, how does Nicetrails work? Firstly, you’ll need to finish your planned trail, whether it’s by hiking, running, cycling, mountain biking or snowboarding. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to upload the trail from your GPS device, smartphone or trail-sharing sites. If you don’t know how to do it, you can follow these simple instructions provided by Nicetrails.

Nicetrails Model Of A Trail

Nicetrails is 3D printed art of your GPS tracks.

Once you’re finished uploading the trail, the next step is to personalise your map by choosing map style- satellite / winterland and one of three sizes. After that, your map will be 3D printed and sent to you. With the simple process, you’ll get a unique trophy of your adventure.

White Nicetrails 3D Printed Model

The process of getting your own model is very simple.

3D Printed Model Of Nicetrails GPS Trail On A Table

Nicetails can be a great gift or a beautiful and unique everyday reminder of your adventures.

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