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LightMode Kits | Illuminate Your Helmet


We are all familiar with the awesomeness that Tron was. With its bright orange and blue lines, it simply looked like the future. Well, thankfully, to a new Kickstarter campaign, you can turn your mundane helmet into something spectacular. And very Tron-like. Introducing LightMode Kits! These LightMode Kits come with a variety of features, most …

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Nicetrails – Custom 3D Printed Art Pieces Of Your GPS Tracks


Nicetrails is a way to turn your hiking memories into art using 3D printing technology. This is a perfect way for you to share experiences with those who weren’t present, to add a cool piece of art to your collection or turn your efforts into a unique gift. So, how does Nicetrails work? Firstly, you’ll …

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