If you think that innovation does not apply for footwear, check out Futurecraft 3D, a product Adidas recently introduced.

They believe that 3D printing technology has a major role in the future development of footwear.

This is why they unveiled this unique 3D-printed running shoe midsole and took the shoe design to another level.

The front of Adidas 3D Futurecraft Shoe

Adidas was the first to apply the ground breaking 3D technology to footwear.

Adidas 3D Futurecraft shoe sole

Each shoe will made to match the individual foot.

Each shoe will be individually tailored to fit your foot, down to the cushioning needs. Every pair will be made in retail stores, using just a 3D printer. The idea is to make a personalized experience for the athletes. This will basically mean a person could go to an Adidas store, run on a treadmill briefly and instantly get a running shoe made just for him. The shoe will match the exact contours and pressure points of individual foot, and a carbon copy could be tried out while still in the store.

Holding Adidas 3D Futurecraft Shoe Sole

You will be able to witness the process of making your shoe.

While this is just a prototype, Adidas strongly believe this technique is going to be the future for running shoes. They have partnered with Materialise, a leading specialist in 3D printing, and are planning to announce more groundbreaking innovations in the next six month. This way Adidas can slowly become the best sports shoe brand in the world. The price for this shoe has not been determined yet.

Check out this Adidas video to see the entire process of making a 3D printed shoe:

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