Ahoy there, workout addicts! Today we have a special treat for you and it’s called Monkii Bars. Designed to allow professional athletes, training fans and lovers of recreational exercise enjoy their trainings whenever and wherever they like best, Monkii Bars comes in the form of a clever, versatile and lightweight suspension training tool that can be set up in a matter of seconds and used as a personal portable gym in its own right. Sounds incredible? Scroll down to find out more about this cool piece of workout gear.

Monkii bars from kickstarter

Modeled after the monkey bars we all remember from our childhood, Monkii Bars is a fitness gadget that consists of two comfy bars with an 18-foot suspension line stored inside. The bars are built from tough aerospace grade aluminum core and coated with a set of maple grips for your maximum training comfort. All you need to do to put your Monkii Bars into action is remove the suspension line from the grip casing, place it over any supporting structure or solid surface, adjust the loop to your training requirements and preferences and you’re all set to get your goods rolling!

Monkii bars

Perfect for outdoor adventures and indoor workout routines alike, Monkii Bars let you take your exercise for core, upper and lower body muscles (pull-ups, flys, dips, rows, push-ups, curls and similar bodyweight workout routines included) whenever you feel like it and in literally any environment, from office to the park and back. The Monkii Bars set comes in the box with a training guide that lists instructions on how-tos for over 100 training routines. The entire setup procedure takes 60 seconds so you won’t have any problems starting your fitness session on time.

Portable, fun and easy to use, Monkii Bars is a perfect workout gadget to have at hand for those precious moments of workout inspiration in which you may decide to break the lazy pattern when traveling, going to work, taking a leisurely stroll in the park or just lazing around your home. Get that sexy body back in shape in no time at all – go Monkii and tone up your muscles before the first day of summer! [via]

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