Do you feel like your hallway has gotten narrower this winter and has become overly crammed because of all the shoes, umbrellas, coats and other outdoor must-bringalongs? Well, you’ll probably right – we all tend to hoard our halls with various bits and ends to go, and sometimes not even a thorough spring cleaning can solve the pressing problem with lobby storage space and needless clutter we pack there. Don’t worry, we may have just the right solution for your messy hall here, and it’s called Leaning Loop Wood Entryway Organizer. So, how does this thingie work? Let’s find out!

Entryway organizer made out of wood

Created by Jason van der Burg, the Leaning Loop is a slender multipurpose wall organizer designed to hold all your precious hallway necessities like coats, boots, umbrellas, sunglasses, gargets, keys and other bits of your outdoor – and indoor – gear. Made from domestic hardwood (available woods include ash, rift white oak, cherry, walnut and maple) and fitted with a custom insert panel which you can upgrade with a custom magnetic mirror, whiteboard or chalkboard if you like, the Leaning Loop Organizer comes complete with a removable shoe shelf made from perforated steel with either black or white matte finish, a stack of matte black/white steel hooks to hang your clothes, bags, scarves and other items in need of suspending, and there’s also a contoured top ‘catch-all’ style shelf for storing small items like keys, headphones, phones, dog collars and wallets.

Leaning loop Entryway Organizer

‘That’s pretty much the standard wall-racking deal, no novelties there,’ some may complain, but wait ‘till you hear this: unlike most regular wall organizers, the Leaning Loop doesn’t require drilling holes in your walls, no attachment points are needed and you won’t have to endure complex setup procedures to make up for the lack of holes and fix points either.

So, how do you actually set it up? It’s easier than you think – simply lean your Loop against the wall and adjust the back and bottom bumpers to prevent potential scuff marks and wall marring, and it’s all set and ready to take on your everyday gear in need of convenient hall storage. And in case you’re concerned about the stability and strength of your modular organizer, you can rest assured through and through: the more stuff you throw onto your Loop, the more stable and well-balanced it will be as gravity will do its share of work for you, so don’t spare your Loop the load for fear it may tumble over.

Coat hanger on the Leaning loop entryway organizer

Designed and handcrafted in Canada, the Leaning Loop measures 72 x 24 x 13 inches (H x W x D) so it will fit your room, hallway, office, condo, studio or bed-sit perfectly and with no strings or screws attached. An all-in-one organizer combo, the Leaning Loop should go on sale some time soon so keep an eye out on early delivery dates and place your order before the first supplies run out! [via]

Leaning loop entryway organizer

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