Thought about going to the gym and getting your personal trainer to help you burn all the fat and turn them into muscles, but you simply didn’t have enough money to afford all of this? Well, GYMWATCH has a solution for you, with a new invention that will provide you with both a personal trainer and a maximized training efficiency.

Gymwatch fitness gadget

As every other product that is German-made, this little device is easy to carry around and is so light-weight, that you literally don’t feel it around your arm, or any other body part that it is attached to. You can carry it with you anywhere; if you are running, or working out in the gym, or working out in your backyard, it will help you get the best possible results. All you have to do is set your workout program, and the device will take care of the rest.

Gymwatch gym fitness gadget

The Gymwatch is working on a sensor, which detects your workload, speed, efficiency, power and strength used, force and all the other factors included in a workout. By calculating the angle, speed and power you are using, the device will let you know what you have to change and improve in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Simply connect it with your smartphone, install the free app, and listen to your “trainer”. Choose from scientific algorithms, or some of the world`s best training programs, or simply invent your own. It will get you pumped and fit in no time. It is easily rechargeable via a micro USB.

Gymwatch app

Easy to wear, this smart device is a “dream come true” for many. Don’t miss your chance, become a proud owner of the GYMWATCH.

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