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Trailer homes have never looked more appealing now that a company called Leaf House has made several amazing small trailer homes. Made from eco-friendly materials, these fully equipped tiny homes are as cozy as regular ones.

Based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, Leaf House manufactures fully functional trailer homes featuring a modern design and made from natural ecologically friendly materials. Since the company is based in northern Canada, it’s safe to assume that, despite the small size of these houses, you will not freeze in one of them as they are tailored to withstand extremely cold weather. Leaf House has three different models available for their customers: version.1, version.2 and version.3. Each of these models differ in size, design, cost and its features. The houses are build on trailer (legal road height and width, of course) ranging from 16 feet to 20 feet in length.

Leaf House trailer

Leaf House exterior

As for the cost, they can go from $26,000 to $50,000. Being tiny does not necessarily mean being cheap. And why is that? Well, the houses are made from top quality materials and they are equipped with all the necessary amenities a regular sized house has. The features which these houses usually include are: shower, toilet (composting, bucket or septic), instant hot water heater, HRV, memory foam mattress, single/double sink, shurflo pump, 30 gallon water tank, electrical subpanel, water and electrical inlet, triple/quad pane windows, low/0 VOC finishes, cooktop/24″ stove, compact fridge/freezer, dimmable LED lighting, outswing door, murphy bed or a loft with compact stairs or ladder.

Interior design of the Leaf House

Leaf House interior

Now, this is quite a list of things a 16 feet long home can have. If you still feel like these homes could be cheaper, you can make them cheaper. Leaf House gives you the option of customizing almost every feature their homes usually have so the prices can be lower or higher if you decide to add more stuff. For example, you can opt for a cheaper type of toilet (septic over composting) but use the money you save for, let’s say, making the house off-grid by adding solar panels. If even this can’t persuade you to buy one but you would like to own one, then just buy the plans for the version.2 and, if you have time and the necessary skills, build one yourself.

Bed inside the Leaf House

Bed in the Leaf House

Leaf House has given an entirely different take on trailer homes, making it more appealing than ever to decide to take residence in a mobile home. Just get in your car and choose your destination without worrying about any conditions as your new home will provide you with comfort, warmth and pretty much everything you might need. [viawatch video below

Leaf House trailer

Video of the construction timelapse:

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