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Why Is A Strong Structure A Crucial Part Of Building A Home?

Feeling safe and secure in your home is something everyone wants. Having faith in the structure of the building can give you peace of mind, even in the most adverse weather conditions and unexpected events. A strong structure should not be overlooked during the building process of the home, even though it is easy to …

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5 Tips for Improving the Value of Your Home in the Long Run

Are you hoping to see greater home appreciation in the coming years? When you purchase a home, you make a huge investment that can pay off. But you need to make the right home improvements to ensure your market price continues climbing. Read on to learn 5 tips for improving home value in the long run! …

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5 Home Trends For 2022

Every year there are new home trends that emerge and shape the way in which people improve their homes. In recent times, the home is somewhere that has taken on even greater significance as a result of the pandemic, and it will be interesting to see how the home is used in 2022. Many people …

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Edgeland House | Modern Re‐interpretation Of The Native American Pit House

Created by Bercy Chen Studio and located on a rehabilitated brownfield site, the Edgeland House is where modern meets the past. The house was inspired by the Native American pit house, one of the oldest types of house structure in North America. What’s characteristic for this type of building is that it’s built into the ground. The purpose was to …

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Casas Em Movimento Solar Homes

Casas Em Movimento is a project from a Portuguese firm and it means Moving Houses. The idea behind this project is to turn a house into an architectural sunflower that rotates in order to maximize the amount of solar energy it receives. This technology was developed at the University of Porto, Faculty of Architecture. These houses have two axes …

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Kharkiv Slide Apartment | By Ki Design Studio

When your clients want you to come up with a design that isn’t boring and is perfect for relaxing, adding a large indoor slide into the apartment is simply genius. In order to ‘wow’ their clients, Ki Design Studio did just that. Two-storey apartment in Kharkiv, Ukraine is now an example that slides aren’t just for kids and …

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More Sky Pop-Out Window


Do you need more light in your apartment? Or do you want to look at the clear night sky, without having to leave your apartment? Well, the “More Sky Pop-Out Window” is offering exactly that. That is, of course, if height is not a big problem for you. The name behind this amazing design is …

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Ferrofluid Lamp


If you spend a lot of time just browsing through random content on the web, then you must have stumbled upon ferrofluids and the interesting shape shifting properties they get when exposed to a magnetic field. People are experimenting more and more with them and we can see its presence in the commercial market. One …

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Trailer homes have never looked more appealing now that a company called Leaf House has made several amazing small trailer homes. Made from eco-friendly materials, these fully equipped tiny homes are as cozy as regular ones. Based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, Leaf House manufactures fully functional trailer homes featuring a modern design and made from …

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When you think about homes set in the mountains, you probably imagine a rustic old cabin deep in the woods with nothing but the basic furniture and a warm fireplace. However, that needn’t be the case as talented architects from all over the world are reimagining the old mountain homes so they can fit better …

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