Some of the world’s leading experts in hearing technology have designed a powerful sound amplifier which was not originally intended as a hearing aid. The Soundhawk is a device which will help you better understand speech, hear conversation over distance and cancel out distracting noise.

Soundhawk is a nifty gadget which serves as an extremely powerful hearing amplifier which is intended for everyone who have trouble discerning speech because of the interference of other sounds. Soundhawk is available in two colors (graphite and sand) and  consists of 3 devices and an app for your favorite smart device. The first and most important one is Scoop. Scoop is the light and compact earpiece used to enhance sound which you want to hear while reducing background noise. It can also be used as a hands-free earpiece so you can make calls and access Siri and Google Now.

Soundhawk smart hearing amplifier

In conjunction with the Wireless Mic, Scoop becomes even more powerful. By placing the mic in the direction of the source of the sound you want to enhance you will also cancel out almost all background noise, making it very easy to hear what you want to hear. The mic has a range of 33 feet and can deliver extremely clear sound to Scoop via Bluetooth. Both the Scoop and Wireless Mic are elegantly designed with a satin-like feel to them. The third piece of hardware is designed in the same manner. The Charging Case has a slick look and it’s quite compact so it can fit anywhere.

Soundhawk smart listening system

Plug the USB cable into your computer or outlet so you can use your Scoop and mic regularly. For these three pieces of hardware to be able to function we need the Soundhawk app which runs on Andoird and iOS. With this app you can customize the way sound is filtered. It has two main features: tuning and sound scenes. By tuning, you can set whether you want to hear distant or close, full or bright sounds and set the intensity of the sound. The sound scenes allow you to alter settings for different environments like when you are driving, in a restaurant or taking a walk. Each sound scene offers different settings for microphone directionality and noise reduction.

With the Soundhawk Smart Hearing Amplifier you can hear what matters the most. Cancel all the annoying noise around you and enjoy listening to the people and sounds you care about. [via] watch video below

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Soundhawk smart listening system

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