Whether you cycle to keep fit, or use your bike for commuting, sooner or later your rides are going to become dull, unless you make them more enjoyable with some sweet tunes. Using headphones is always an option and most of us opt for them, but you should keep in mind that you need to stay safe and be aware of the sounds around you. For this purpose it is best to use a portable Bluetooth speaker, such as the Ivation BOOMER. This Bluetooth speaker is geared specifically towards cyclists because it has a tubular shape which is narrow in the middle so you can easily attach it to he handlebars of your bike using a mount. Luckily, Ivation provides you with two different ones, in case you don’t have your own.

Ivation BOOMER mounts

Ivation provides you with two mounts, a hard plastic and silicone strap , each with its own advantages.

The Boomer comes with a hard plastic mount and a silicone strap mount, but our favorite is the hard plastic one because it allows you to place the BOOMER parallel and perpendicular to the handlebars of your bike. Thanks to this, you can focus the sound towards you and in front of you as the BOOMER has two speakers on each end. However, the silicone strap has its advantages, because you can use it to strap this speaker on the lower bars of your bike, thanks to its elasticity. The controls were set in the middle, and they feature the standard on/off, play/pause, previous/next buttons. It also has a built-in microphone for handsfree calls and thanks to its amazing Bluetooth pairing, this feature works without glitches.

Ivation BOOMER size

The BOOMER is small enough to go unnoticed but is is still capable providing great sound and has a powerful battery

As the BOOMER is a speaker, we need to mention its sound quality. For its size (1.75″ thick at the ends and 6.25″ long), it provides you with great sound and the built-in 1200 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery will make sure that you can enjoy for hours. You will receive a micro USB cable for charging purposes and the pairing light will also serve as a charging indicator. There are also two style options because the BOOMER is available in black and blue.

Ivation BOOMER color variants

The BOOMER comes in two colors: black and blue

All in all, the Ivation Boomer is a an excellent piece of audio gear which will make those drab bike commutes more pleasant. In fact, thanks to is compact size, don’t be limited to just using it with your bike mount, this bad boy can be easily carried around on camping trips and other outdoor gatherings.

Get it from amazon here.

Check out a volume test of the Ivation BOOMER.

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