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14 Best Gear For The Bike Commuter


Having a good bike for commuting is just the start. You will need plenty of other gear that will make the trip more efficient, safe and enjoyable. Today, we made a list of items that every bike commuter can find useful, whether it is essentials like good quality lights and locks, organization items like backpacks …

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Capture within the essence of your mind a fantastic and thrilling experience and we guarantee you will never be the same again afterwards. The experience is the following… It starts off with the song of exotic birds within the jungles of South America; the jungles of Bolivia, to be exact. You feel your blood pumping, …

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10 Bicycle Accidents Types

Using a bicycle as a means of transport allows you to enjoy some fresh air and get some cardio while getting from point A to point B. Whether you ride a bicycle for transportation or leisure, it’s essential to be aware of the dangers of the road. Bicycle accidents can go down in many ways. …

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Chainless | Tungsten Powered Bicycle


Today we’re talking about a revolutionary bike powered by tungsten gears. The name is Chainless and it’s available on Kickstarter. It’s fully adjustable, light and compact, perfect for all of you that are sick of bicycle chain maintenance. Let us start with Chainless’ construction. First of all, this unique bicycle features a super light frame …

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Trek Powerfly 8FS Mountain Bike


There are few sports that are as thrilling as mountain biking. Be it leisure or high speed downhill tracks, you’re going to need a bike that can stand up to the test. Thankfully for us, technology, and thus, mountain bikes are getting better by the day. Proudly introducing the Trek Powerfly 8 FS Plus! The …

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Fabric FLR30 Bicycle Brake Light


Cycling is amazing exercise; it keeps you fit and toned. There is also nothing quite like cruising around on your cycle, the wind flowing over your face, and you feeling the power emanating from your legs. The one major downfall of bicycles is, unfortunately, motor vehicles on the road. Cyclists are sometimes difficult to see …

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Otto | Bicycle Derailleur Tuning System


Be it that you use a bicycle as transport, as a hobby, or as a sport, it is a necessity to have your bicycle tuned properly and functioning seamlessly. If you’ve been struggling with the gears and they just seem to never set right, then you’re definitely going to need the OTTO Bicycle Tuning System. …

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Lopifit | The World’s First Walking Bike


The title seems a bit counterintuitive to what a bicycle actually is but, yet, the Lopifit truly is the world’s first walking bike. In many ways, it’s a reinvention of the traditional bicycle and there is no doubt that it will take the world by storm since it is unique and a new fun take …

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Radmini | Foldable Fat Electric Bike


It seems like 2016 is the year for awesome innovations in regards to electric bicycles; we already have the GeoOrbital that aims to change the way that we use electric bicycles and now, with the Radmini Fat Electric Bike, we have the ability to travel off-road as well as hauling goods! This little beast is …

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GeoOrbital | The Future Of eBiking Is Here


With gas prices on a continuous rise, more and more people have taken to cycling as a way to commute, have fun and get some exercise. Perhaps you have even considered an eBike but felt that your pedal bike would just go to waste then. Well, the GeoOrbital aims to change that forever. Originally inspired …

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