A decent and well-designed portable Bluetooth speaker is a useful gadget to have, but if you really like to take it on trips in the outdoors, then you’ll need something that can take a bit of beating. With the Braven BRV-Pro, you will get exactly that, an immensely durable Bluetooth speaker. As a huge plus, this speaker offers a lot of versatility and features which will be appreciated by all outdoorsy types, one of them being Braven BRV-Pro’s compatibility with GoPro mounts, so you can, for instance, hook it up on your bicycle and enjoy your music without worrying about potential harm coming to it.

Durability as its Selling Point

Braven BRV-Pro waterproof

Apart from being shockproof (thanks to its full metal housing), the Braven BRV-Pro is also waterproof

Although durability is not its main selling point, it is a pretty important factor when purchasing a new Bluetooth speaker. The BRV-Pro features a full metal housing which makes it completely shockproof, so serious mishaps with this speaker won’t leave it completely useless. Apart from being shockproof, it is entirely waterproof, boasting an IPX7 safety rating. Not many gadgets of its size and type come with this level of durability.


Braven BRV-Pro solar charging

This Bluetooth speaker can be charged with a solar panel, and this is something that outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate very much

The features of this Bluetooth speaker are numerous and apart from the standard high quality sound, it has a lot to offer. Its sound volume can be boosted by adding sound-doubling stacking plates, if you want to blast your music with this speaker. As it is geared towards outdoor enthusiasts, it was equipped with a solar panel charging option, even though it is capable of 15 hours of playtime. The option of charging the BRV-Pro via a solar panel becomes even more useful when you take into consideration that you can charge your phone with this speaker. So, apart from being an awesome speaker, it is also a power bank. If you happen to decide to purchase more than one BRV-Pro, you will be glad to know that you can stack several of them in order to boost the volume even further.

Braven BRV-Pro mount

The Braven BRV-Pro can be mounted wherever you want, even on your bike

All things considered, the Braven BRV-Pro is one of the most versatile and useful outdoor Bluetooth speakers, and is definitely worth considering. It even looks pretty amazing with its two color variants: white/cyan/black and red/black.

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