Shining 3D, a Chinese 3D printing and digitizing hardware company, has been providing hardware to various markets since their founding in 2004. Their latest product, EinScan-S, is the world’s first white light desktop industrial 3d scanners which allows you to use industrial grade 3D scanner technology at your home or office.

At this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Shining 3D presented their new 3D scanner. Called Einscan-S, this is the first white light desktop scanner in the world which allows its users to scan objects with extremely high accuracy in order to create printable 3D models for various applications. By now, we have all become aware of the useful applications a 3D printer has in various fields, most notably engineering and medicine. Being able to create models with relative ease is what EinScan-S brings to the table.

Einscan-s on kickstarter

The technology this scanner employs, structure light phase shifting, allows it to scan objects with extremely high accuracy. The accuracy of its scans has been proved to be <0.1mm. One of its trademark features is the two scan option. This scanner has an automatic and free scan mode and it can freely switch from one mode to the other. What does this mean? It means that the two scan option allows you to scan both small and large objects. The maximum size of objects for the automatic scan is 215x215x200 mm, while the free scan mode boasts a maximum size of 700x700x700 mm. The automatic scan is similar to most scanners currently on the market; it uses a turntable in order to precisely scan the desired object.

Einscan-s 3d scanner

However, it has one important difference. It’s a lot faster than other 3D scanners. Taking only 3 minutes to finish a scan and give you a printable 3D model, this scanner is 3-4 times faster than similar turntable scanners. In free scan mode you will make use of a tripod so your scanner can be placed in the necessary position in order to scan larger objects. With the EinScan-S everybody can be a 3D model designer.

Einscan-s 3d scanner

If you wish to purchase one of these excellent 3D scanners, you can do so on Kickstarter for $799.

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