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The Cycloptic Mustard Monster | A Student-Made 3D Printed Camera

Here’s an interesting story. A student from Richmond, Paul Kohlhausse wanted to own a high-quality professional camera but couldn’t afford it. Instead, he 3d printed it with virtually no prior knowledge of the technology. The result – a fully functional camera that can shoot 6 x 14 negatives on 120 film. What he wanted to do in the …

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Moon Lunar Globe


Moon is an extremely accurate lunar globe that uses NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter topographic data to show you current lunar phases. This 3D replica will show you exactly how the surface of the moon is, with all the craters, elevations and details. Just like we said, Moon is very accurate. It’s a 1/20 million replica that focuses on …

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Suntory Whiskey, the most famous Japanese brewing and distilling company, has sought to push the limits of what whiskey is, ever since it was founded. To be perfectly honest, Suntory has not only sought this, they were pretty successful at achieving their goals with the release of their three most know whiskeys: Yamazaki, Hakushu and Hibiki. …

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Shining 3D, a Chinese 3D printing and digitizing hardware company, has been providing hardware to various markets since their founding in 2004. Their latest product, EinScan-S, is the world’s first white light desktop 3D scanner which allows you to use industrial grade 3D scanning technology at your home or office. At this year’s CES (Consumer …

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